Black Diamond Community
"Some of the most beautiful scenery on the face of the earth is found within the state of Washington.  Not only do the great, high mountains rear their snowy crests far heavenward to pierce the clouds and thereby charm the eye with their grandeur and sublimity, but vast areas of large, tall trees -- a world of wealth by themselves"
(The Coast, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 1902)

Gateway To the Outdoors

Black Diamond is known for being one of the best outdoor recreation areas including world class mountain biking,  hiking, fishing and a variety of getaways in the Pacific Northwest.

The Future is Bright

Today the future of Black Diamond is brighter than at anytime in the past. With the new master planned developments of Ten Trails, Lawson Hill Estates, and the Villages along with Diamond Square. Black Diamond is sure to have a bright and vibrant future.

A Humble Beginning

Black Diamond was came into its own in 1884 with the opening of the railroad and the first coal mines. Coal Mining continued as the main source of income for most residents until 1958 when the last mine closed.

Your New Neighborhood

Adding to the charm and small town community feel is the carefully preserved historic downtown. Rich with restaurants, world famous bakeries, antique shopping and the historic museum.

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