Diamond Square selects architect CallisonRTKL for Diamond Square Campus.

February 21, 2019

Diamond Square selects architect CallisonRTKL

After years of carful planning to complete the campus at Diamond Square the process is underway today with the selection of CallisonRTKL as the architect for the project. CallisonRTKL is a world leader in innovative architecture and has been responsible for some of the most innovative and beautiful buildings worldwide. We are excited to have CallisonRTKL as our partner to design and buld a world class campus here in Black Diamond. With local projects such as Space Needle Plaza, Amazon Complex, 2201 Westlake and the new Seattle Sheraton Hotel the new campus at Diamond Square is sure to be beacon of style and design while pulling in touches of our natural surroundings.

In the selection process Property and Development co-owner Wayne Courtney said of CallisonRTKL:

"We wanted to ensure that the community of Black Diamond would have the very best of what the NorthWest has to offer in regards to architecture. By partnering with CallisonRTKL we are confident that we will be able to not only deliver on that desire but exceed it.

Diamond Square is also proud to have partnered with CallisonRTKL as a woman lead business. Kelly Farrell, President and CEO of CallisonRTKL is a  renowned leader and is known for her creative and innovation approach to architecture and its place and interaction in the natural world. Her leadership and vision can be seen throughout the organization and we're excited to be partnered with them.

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